ONFORM at Home

Jan 17, 2021 | Physio, Pilates

Want to add more movement to your everyday, but find it hard to self motivate? We get it! The struggle is real! But movement, exercise and keeping active can make a tangible impact on your life. We’ve created ONFORM at Home to help you move a little more every day. ONFORM at Home is our online studio, with easy to follow Pilates videos that you can fit into your everyday.

There are three ways to use ONFORM at Home. First – you can follow a plan. We have plans to that you can follow, that not only help you learn Pilates, but also encourage repetition of exercises and skill building. Second – you can pick a challenge! Our challenges are designed to help you motivate yourself and stay engaged. You can feel your effort and consistency make a difference to your strength and mobility. Third – you can freestyle it and explore. All your favourite workouts can be saved to your own personal list. We have categories under length, type, equipment, level and target muscle group.

We have created three different lengths of videos. Quickie sessions are under 15 minutes – and these are perfect for when you really feel you don’t have time to stop. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll end up happier and getting more done! Express sessions are under 20 minutes. Mini Sessions are under 30 minutes. These workouts are a great way to get a solid workout in, without using a full hour. Full length sessions are 50 minutes, and perfect to have up your sleeve for when you want a regular class length.

You can join ONFORM at Home on a 7 day free trial! After that it’s just $19.95 + GST per month. Cancel anytime.