ONFORM at Home brings the studio to you, providing flexibility and convenience to workout when it suits. With over 130+ programs ranging from beginner to intermediate levels, and session lengths to enable you to fit movement into your every day. ONFORM at Home will have you feeling and loving the change Pilates creates in your body and mind.

Get Started – FREE 7 Day Trial

Starts with a 7 day FREE trial and an easy monthly subscriptions you can cancel anytime.  For the price of a coffee per week get access to Pilates set out in a way that will help you feel better, get stronger, and move a little more in your everyday. 

Our 12 month subscription includes our free equipment pack with free shipping. Your home pack includes a Pilates ball and exercise loop and long band. Packs are available for first sign-ups only.


$19.99 + GST
Cancel anytime


12 Monthly
$199 + GST
Includes a FREE Equipment Pack

What you can expect…


A weekly new Pilates plan


Challenges to keep you motivated


A private facegroup for support, questions and live sessions

Mat Sessions
Small Equipment Sessions

Reformer Programs


Physio Rehab coming soon

ONFORM at Home is suitable for…


All levels, including beginners

Pre and Postnatal



Equipment Pack


Our Equipment pack contains a 25cm Pilates ball and a resistence band.  Use this pack to access our equipment workouts.  It’s $34.95 online or in the studio.  FREE on a 12 month subscription.

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New Weekly Workouts

ONFORM at Home


Kickstarter Challenge ONFORM at Home

Get Started

Learn the foundations of Pilates, and set yourself a goal to get moving everyday and kick start your Pilates habit. Consistency is the key, and this challenge will help you develop it, in less than 20 minutes a day.

Time: 7 Days
Suitability: Beginners, Refresher
Equipment: Mat, Hand weights
Intensity: Medium

Abs and Core Challenge ONFORM at Home


Target your abdominals and core with this focused 7 day challenge. Strengthen your powerhouse and increase your endurance.

Time: 6 Days
Suitability: Intermediate
Equipment: Mat
Intensity: Medium to High

Kickstarter Challenge 2 ONFORM at Home

Kickstarter Challenge

You’ve done our Fundamentals course, and now it’s time to practise and combine the exercises. Gently strengthen your body as you go. This challenge enables you to practise essential moves every day, targeting all the major muscle groups. Repetition and consistency are the key to Pilates success!

Time: 21 Days
Suitability: Beginner – Intermediate
Equipment: Mat
Intensity: Low to Medium

ONFORM Equipment Bags 838x856

Equipment Pack

Our Equipment pack contains a 25cm Pilates ball and a resistence band.  Use this pack to access our equipment workouts.


FREE on a 12 month subscription

ONFORM Weekly Pilates Plan 945x638

Reformer Pilates

Reformer workouts that are balanced to work the total body and dynamic to keep you both physically and mentally challenged.

We’ll work all the major muscle groups and leave you warm and smiling all over!

We release a Reformer Series, including at least new 4 workouts every month.

Workouts that work for you ONFORM at Home

Pilates for every schedule

Workouts that work for you!

We believe the best movement is the one you can do!  Small amounts regularly build into a consistent and sustainable habit that will truly help you to feel better, get stronger and love the change you feel.  We have structured our sessions into…

Quickies – Under 15 mins

Mini – Under 30 mins

Full – 40 mins +

You can search by length, by equipment, by type, and save your favourites to your own list!

ONFORM Weekly Pilates Plan 945x638

Get a Weekly Pilates Plan to Follow

Weekly Pilates Plans

Don’t waste time picking your daily movement session. The benefit of a handpicked workout is to get in there and move! Follow our daily schedule and fit a little more movement in every day. Our weekly Pilates Plan changes every Monday and contains a selection of quickie, mini sessions and 1 full class.

Download your weekly calendar and use it as a planner. You can tick off your workouts!

“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.”