Pilates Classes


All our classes are designed to be results driven, rewarding, and really addictive!  All class benefits include: increased strength, flexibility, muscle toning, increased balance, coordination, endurance, control and improved posture.  Our classes are tailored to where you are right now, and focused on helping you achieve movement goals to progress you to the next level.

Pilates Class Foundation

This class is a great introduction to Reformer Pilates.  It’s welcoming for newbies, and focuses on essential Pilates exercises to both build strength, and improve your mobility.  Directions are easy to understand and we support you with coaching on how to use the Reformer, help to learn the right technique.  Exercises are layered, and we give you options to help you find the challenge thats right for you.

Perfect for…

Anyone new to Pilates and/or Reformer Pilates.

Anyone coming back to Pilates after a period of inactivity. 

Prenatal Mamas.  Foundation caters for prenatal modifications after 16 weeks.  So, it’s perfect for gentle strengthening while pregnant.

Postnatal Mamas.  Foundation has an emphasis on basic techniques, so it’s a great place to rebuild your strength on the way to commencing higher intenstiy activities after birth.

Will leave you feeling…

Expect a light – moderate workout.  You’ll feel more connected and stable.  You’ll leave feeling energized, refreshed and mobilised. You will increase your confidence in using the Reformer and develop mind body connection and improved body awareness. 

Suitable for…

This class is suitable for

– Newbies  / Beginners

– Anyone who is building up foundation strength, balance, flexibility, and movement skills to progress to the next level.

– Anyone who would like a refreshing Pilates workout that you can do every day.

– Pregnancy after 16 weeks

– Postnatal after you have the ok to return to exercise.

Pilates Class Level 1

Reformer 1

A full-body Pilates workout to to build your strength, flexibility, balance and movement skills.

Exercises start from a place everyone in class can acheive, and are then layered with opportunity to progress and challenge yourself.  Options will be given to suit both Level 1 and Level 2 where appropriate.  This class is uplifting & supportive and designed to progress your strength, flexibility, control, balance and endurance.

Will leave you feeling…

Great!  You’ll receive a total body, well balanced workout, that challenges you at a level you can choose, and helps you feel those muscles you didn’t know you had!  You’ll feel energized and want more! 

Suitable for…

– You are ready for this class when you can acheive foundational Pilates skills like..

Holding your legs in Table Top (90 degree bend while lying on your back) with an imprinted spine for at least 45 seconds.

You feel stable in a side kneeling and side standing position on the Reformer.

You can hold a modified plank (on your knees) for 30 seconds, and hover your knees in a kneeling quadraped postion for 10 seconds.

You are comfortable to adjust your own settings, (we’ll always offer your individual advice and options tailored to you) and get in and out of the foot straps yourself.

Suitable for pregnancy up until 16 weeks.

Not suitable for…

– Pregnancy after 16 weeks.

– Acute injuries

*If you have a condition that give you pain or restricts you in any way we ask you to have a session with our Physio team prior to class, so that we have the right information to assist you in class.*

Pilates Class Duet and Trio Training

Reformer 2

This is an intensive full-body Pilates workout that will start from an intermediate level, and specifically challenge your balance, control and endurance.  You’ll progress your strength and flexibility with options for challenge that you can choose yourself.
This is a smooth flowing class feautres exercises that require good balance.  You need to feel comfortable standing and kneeling on the moving carriage, with lighter springs, and more advanced choreography.   We’ll provide challenge options that will increase the challenge and reduce your rests.  

Will leave you feeling..

Challenged and empowered with a good burn!

Suitable for…

– You’re ready for this class if you have good balance, and are confident kneeling and standing on the Reformer when the carriage feels unstable.

– You can hold a full plank on your arms.

– You’re comfortable holding your head up in an ab curl for up to 30 seconds without the support of your headrest.

– You can balance standing on a moving carrigage on a light spring, with no hand support.

– You can kneel on the Reformer carriage.

– Clients who have progressed to an intermediate leve of Reformer Pilates and practise regulary.  You like to challenge yourself, build intensity and can make choices to support your body on the day.

Not suitable

This class is not suitable if you are pregnant after 16 weeks

or for acute injuries

or if you have a condition that effects your balance

Pilates Class Level 2

Mums & Bubs

Postnatal & Prenatal Pilates

Perfect for…

This class is designed to be bubba friendly.  You are welcome to bring your baby to class.  You can partake at your own pace, and also attend to your little one as needed.  

We’ll tailor foundational movement for postnatal mamas returning to group Pilates after giving birth, and also prenatal mamas.

Will leave you feeling..

Energized and refreshed.  Great for foundational strengthening, with a pelvic floor first approach.  Excellent for mobilising your body.

Suitable for…

– Postnatal after you have your LMC’s ok to exercise.

– Prenatal with a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. 

Not suitable for

– Pelvic floor injuries

– High risk pregnancies


Combines Pilates moves with a jumpboard accessory. Lifts the heart rate

Perfect for…

Adding a different challenge to your Pilates routine.  Lift your heart rate for your cardio fitness, core strength and endurance. This class combines soft, low impact jumping away from the jumpbaord.  It will lift your heart beat and invigorate the body!  It’s fun and challenging!  But don’t worry – you won’t be jumping for a full 50 minutes! We combine other awesome Pilates exercises to work the whole body.

Will leave you feeling…

Energised and like you used every muscle! But you want more!  This class works up a sweat!

Suitable for…

⇒ Those who feel comfortable in our Reformer 1 class.

Not suitable for pregnancy.  Injuries and post surgery need Physio clearance.

Pilates Class Golden Gang


Level Foundation

Perfect for…

Those who are in the Golden years – 65 and over who want to improve strength, balance, and stay nimble.

Start with a Private Introduction Session and then join our awesome Golden Gang class. This social class likes to have fun, share a laugh, while working those muslces to get strongerm stay active, and feel good.  A special discounted Golden Gang Pass is available.

Will leave you feeling…

Strong and empowered!

Suitable for…

Everyone who has had a private first.

Must be able to get on and off the reformer by yourself, and feel comfortale doing a bridge.  Prviates are a great way to progress and build confidence so you can join the class!


Pilates Class Private Training

Private Training

In our private sessions instructors tailor programs to support clients on their individual health and fitness goals. Focused on the best way to support the individual client through movement. Ideal for clients returning from an injury or surgery, clients with pre-existing conditions or illnesses, prenatal or postnatal clients, mature-aged clients or those that prefer a one-on-one approach over group classes. These classes incorporate a range of props and Pilates equipment.

Pilates Class Duet and Trio Training

Duets / 2 People

All the benefits of a private session, but with the motivation of a friend.  These 55 minute sessions include a tailored Reformer workout, personalised to each of your needs.

Pilates Class Studio Equipment

Clinical Small Groups

Perfect for Rehab / Pre + Postnatal / Athletic conditioning

These classes are created especially for you! Uses all the studio equipment. With a maximum of 3 people per class, exercises are specific to your body and goals including assistance with injury recovery. These classes can also be customised to complement any existing training programs.

Must complete an Initial Consultation to set your goals before booking into a Small Group.