Pilates Classes


All our classes are designed to be results driven, rewarding, and really addictive!  All class benefits include: increased strength, flexibility, muscle toning, increased balance, coordination, endurance, control and improved posture.  Our classes are tailored to where you are right now, and focused on helping you acheive movement goals to progress you to the next level.

Pilates Class Foundation

Creating a strong Foundation

Perfect for…

Anyone new to Reformer Pilates, Prenatal and Postnatal Mamas, anyone wanting a refresh on the Pilates principles.

Foundation features a slower pace, with a focus on technique, Pilates principals and breathing.  You’ll learn to set up your Reformer and move confidently around.  We teach you the essential exercises and offer repetition to help you build a feeling of familiarity and success.  It’s the way to become a Pilates rockstar!

Foundation also caters for prenatal modifications after 16 weeks.  So, it’s perfect for gentle strengthening while pregnant.

Will leave you feeling…

Expect a light workout, and to feel more connected and stable.  You will increase your confidence in using the Reformer and develop mind body connection and awareness of Pilates principles.

Suitable for…

This class is suitable for

⇒ Newbies and beginners

⇒ Pregnancy after 16 weeks and Postnatal after you have the ok to return to exercise

⇒ Suitable for rehab injuries with a private first.

Pilates Class Level 1


Level 1 / Essential Daily Movement

Perfect for…

Progressing from Foundation, refining your technique, building up your strength, balance, and endurance in the essential exercises.

Form features movements that are fantastic for connecting to and strengthening your core.   You’ll practise Pilates exercises that increase your lower and upper body strength, support a taller posture, and encourage you to move with control and precision.  You’ll increase your flexibility and feel stronger and more balanced!

Will leave you feeling…

Great!  You’ll receive a total body, well balanced moderate workout, that challenges and refreshes you.  It’s the sort of movement you can do every day!

Suitable for…

⇒ Great for beginners once you are ready to progress from Foundation.

⇒ Great daily movement for all, with options for challegne if you would like.

⇒ Suitable for pregnancy up until 16 weeks.

Not suitable for pregnancy after 16 weeks.  May be ok for some rehab and injuries with a private first.

Pilates Class Duet and Trio Training


Level 1/2   Progress your practise!

Perfect for…

Challenging your Form

Core takes the awesome connections, strength and balance you have developed in Form, and starts to challenge it. This class is layered to support your movement as you transition to more intermediate exercises.  Progressions are offered with choices like heavier springs, endurance options and challenge layers. No matter what you decide to take up, we’ll support you to feel great.

Will leave you feeling..

Strong and stable, with a good burn! You’ll be challenged at your own pace with options.

Suitable for…

Those who feel confident to make choices for what feels right in their own body.   You’re ready for this class when you…

⇒  Feel ready for more challenge and feel ok to balance and stand on the Reformer.

⇒  Adjust your own settings, and get in and out of the foot straps yourself.

⇒  Feel ok to hold a low plank, and know when and how to adjust it.

Not suitable for pregnancy after 16 weeks or injuries.

Pilates Class Level 2


Level 2 / Intermediate – Flow + Pace

Perfect for…

Challenging yourself and finding your Pilates flow state!

Athletic Flow is a class designed to challenge you through increased load, a flowing pace and fluid transitions that are ‘exercises’ between exercises. This is a fun class, that will challenge your mind, coordination and balance.  Lift the heart rate, and enjoy practising more advanced Pilates repertoire.

Will leave you feeling..

Strong and stable with a good burn. Your mind will be challenged with co-ordination and fluid transitions.

Suitable for…

⇒ Intermediate to advanced clients.

⇒ Those who are able to self correct, and regress an exercise where needed.

⇒ Great for you in you love to plank and ab curls.

⇒ Those who feel comfortable and balanced standing on the reformer.

Not ok for injuries, prenatal or newbies.


Level 1/2 – Lifts the heart rate

Perfect for…

Improving cardio fitness, core strength and endurance. This class combines soft, low impact jumping away from the jumpbaord.  It will lift your heart beat and invigorate the body!  It’s fun and challenging!  But don’t worry – you won’t be jumping for a full 50 minutes! We combine other awesome Pilates exercises to work the whole body.

Will leave you feeling…

Energised and like you used every muscle! But you want more!  This class works up a sweat!

Suitable for…

⇒ Those who feel comfortable in our Core Level 1/2 class.

Not suitable for pregnancy.  Injuries and post surgery need Physio clearance.

Pilates Class Golden Gang


Level Foundation

Perfect for…

Those who are in the Golden years – 65 and over who want to improve strength, balance, and stay nimble.

Start with a Private Introduction Session and then join our awesome Golden Gang class. This social class likes to have fun, share a laugh, while working those muslces to get strongerm stay active, and feel good.  A special discounted Golden Gang Pass is available.

Will leave you feeling…

Strong and empowered!

Suitable for…

Everyone who has had a private first.

Must be able to get on and off the reformer by yourself, and feel comfortale doing a bridge.  Prviates are a great way to progress and build confidence so you can join the class!

OTHER Classes

Pilates Class Mat and Props

Mat & Props

Level 1 + 2

Our mat classes use props and your own body weight as resistence to build and improve muscular strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.  This is the perfect class to create a balanced practice. Think of a controlled paced flow focused on alignment to help you refine and feel the effects of each exercise. 

Pilates Class Reformer and Mat Fusion

reformer + mat fusion

Level 1 + 2

Take mat exercises to the Reformer, and Reformer exercises to the mat! A great class that shows you how amazingly linked these two practises are!  Great for stregnthening, stretching and building endurance.

Pilates Class LIVE ONLINE

live online

Join us live online – right from your your place to ours!  Our online classes give you flexibility and the chance to fit your class into your own timetable.  We teach in layers, so you can progress or regress a move to suit yourself.  All live classes can be joined in real time, and if you miss it, the link to the recording is sent out afterwards.

Privates / Duets / Trio Training

Pilates Class Private Training

Private Training

In our private sessions instructors tailor programs to support clients on their individual health and fitness goals. Focused on the best way to support the individual client through movement. Ideal for clients returning from an injury or surgery, clients with pre-existing conditions or illnesses, prenatal or postnatal clients, mature-aged clients or those that prefer a one-on-one approach over group classes. These classes incorporate a range of props and Pilates equipment.

Pilates Class Duet and Trio Training

Duets + Trios

All the benefits of a private session, but with the motivation of a friend or two.  These 55 minute sessions include a tailored Reformer workout, personalised to the needs of your small group.

Pilates Class Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment

Coming soon to our Saint Johns Studio.  Discover Pilates on the different appartus like the Cadlliac, the Ladder Barrel and the Wunder Chair. These 55 minute sessions include  a personalised program to support your goals. Whether you want extra support for injury rehabilitation, prenatal or postnatal fitness and recovery or just want to take your practice to the next level our studio equipment classes are for you.