Knee & Hip
Osteoarthritis Class

Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis is common but does not mean that nothing can be done to help you.  In fact, regular exercise can help with arthritis pain management, reduce stiffness and assist you to keep doing your everyday activities.  You can live WELL with OA.

Join our Knee and Hip OA rehab program and take a positive step to live well with OA.   You’ll recevie education in latest findings (it’s good news), support from our expert team, and a tailored program to support you, including access to an online OA exercise program you can follow from the comfort of home.

You’ll receive tailored exercise to help you strengthen, improve your mobility, manage symptoms, and support to ensure you feel empowered to keep doing the things you love.

Osteoarthritis does not always get worse with age.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a term that is used to decribe changes in joints.  Changes in joint cartilage and surfaces happen, but are only part of the story.  Most of what you see and feel is due to changes in tissues around your knee and hip, and how your brain and body responds.

It’s not true that OA always gets worse with age.

What has affected your knee or hip so far is not the most important thing. What matters is that there are many things you can do to improve your joint health, how it feels, and how well you can take part in life.

Our Hip & Knee OA program is here to equip you with the positive facts on OA, guide you on the things you can do to positively help yourself, empower you with our tailored exercise program that promotes healthy joints, and gives you 1:1 support along the way.

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Personal physio 1:1

So you have been told you have osteoarthritis? Don’t panic, the best thing you can do right now is get the right information, and start a plan that will help.

Our Knee & Hip OA program starts with an initial consultation with one of our registered Physiotherapists.

Screening / We get your history and listen to your story and you’ll fill out our OA questionaire

Exercise Testing / We’ll run you through tests to check your current tolerence, strength and range of motion.  This will help create a baseline for you to work with our online program.

Education / We’ll help you understand what is happening in your body, and the things you can do to help

Support yourself at home with our Online Program

All levels, including beginners

Based on current evidence & research


Designed and delivered by registered Physiotherapists.


Improves joint health & wellbeing


No special equipment necessary


Supportive, empowering, and able to be done from anywhere you have an internet connection.


Less than $5 per week. 



physio 1:1

 Your initial appointment with our Physiotherapy team includes a thorough consultation for 45 minutes long.

Initial Consult 45 ins /  $100

Follow Up 1:1s 30 mins / $80

Telehealth Catch Ups / 15 mins  $40

Online Program

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7 day FREE trial / cancel anytime.

Monthly / $19.95 + gst

Yearly / $199 + gst / Includes FREE equipment bag

You may have heard some of these

Myths about OA

These mythbusting facts are taking from / quote referecne
ONFORM Physio Knee & Hip Osteoarthritis class

It can only get worse from here

Actually the news is better than you think!

Research shows that people who have OA can improve the health and function of their joint. They can also improve how they feel, and what they are able to do.

Not all OA gets worse over time.

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My pain tells me how damaged my joint is

We now have a lot of new evidence around pain and what can play a role in it.  Pain levels and joint changes often relate poorly to each other. No two people are the same.

Pain is influenced by much more than just your knee structure.

It's more than wear and tear

I've worn out my joint

Some cartilage loss is one part of OA, but this loss is not simply due to using the joint.

What’s more, pain or noises such as grinding are due to many factors other than cartilage and bones. Moving and load is essential to nourish your joint.

Using your joint is the best thing you can do for it.

We're here to help you manage your OA positively

I'd better be careful I don't wear it out

Being careful stops you from using the knee normally. It also stops you doing many of the things you love, or that bring you joy. 

Ther good news is that it’s movement (not rest) that helps the knee or hip to stay healthy.

It's more than wear and tear

OA gets worse with age

This is not true!  Research shows that OA can stay the same over long periods of time and symptoms can improve.

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Having OA means I will need a joint replacement

Joint replacement is one option for some people with OA.  You can do things that will decrease your chances of needing surgery. Only a small portion of people with OA need surgery.

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"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

— Wayne Dyer