ONFORM Pilates

What we do

If you are on the search for a space that makes you feel good – you have found it!  If you want to grow stronger, but find big group classes or the weights room intimidating – we’ve got you!  If you are looking to challenge, but not punish yourself – you are in the right place.   Let’s get started!

Our Reformer Pilates classes and personal Pilates sessions will energize and challenge you, creating a strong, and balanced body. You’ll find Pilates with us is welcoming, encouraging and fun!  We’re here to help you get stronger, improve your movement, and feel better in your every day life!

ONFORM Pilates

How to get started

Step 1

Register online and grab our Introductory Pass, and check out our timetables.

Step 2

Book your Reformer Pilates Classes or your Private Intro Session! We can’t wait to meet you!

Step 3

Discover movement that makes you feel better and makes you stronger and more flexible.

ONFORM Pilates


ONFORM Pilates Our Classes

Reformer Pilates Classes

We have a 2 boutique studio locations in Kohimarama and Saint Johns.  Our focus is you – our group class size is small with lots of personal attention. We have a great timetable with over 60 classes running 7 days a week with lots of class times to choose from to fit your lifestyle.  If you have never tried Reformer Pilates before, start in our Foundations class.

ONFORM Pilates Services Private Training

personal pilates training

In our private sessions, instructors tailor programs to support clients on their individual health and fitness journey. These 55-minute sessions are a personalised workout that focus on the best way to support you through movement. Ideal for clients returning from an injury or surgery, clients with pre-existing conditions or illnesses, prenatal or postnatal clients, mature-aged clients or those that prefer a one-on-one approach over group classes. These classes incorporate a range of props and Studio Pilates equipment.

Guys do Pilates at ONFORM

Men do Pilates!

We have lots of men at ONFORM, so don’t be shy to come along! It’s not a secret that Reformer Pilates can be really challenging. It’s a great addition for men who want increased flexibility, a strong core and a mobile spine and to move better.

ONFORM Pilates Services Prenatal

pilates for Pregnancy

At ONFORM we offer prenatal appropriate Pilates in our FOUNDATION level class.  If you have your LMC’s ok to participate, we welcome you to join us.  These classes feature deep core activation, and strengthening exercises for the lower body, upper body, back, and posture, that support your changing body, and keep you moving in a way that helps you to feel strong and good through your pregnancy.

ONFORM Pilates Duo and Trio Training


We have a range of flexible pricing options including casual rates, class pack, and tiered monthly memberships, discounts for our Golden Gang classes.  Don’t forget to try our Introductory Offer!

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”