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If you have a burning question, the answer is probably below!  If it’s not, please send us an email or give our reception team a call!

What is Reformer Pilates?

A Reformer is a specific Pilates machine. Pilates is a form of exercise that utilises all the muscles within the body. You perform a routine of exercises in class to gain a full body conditioning workout.

I have never done Pilates before? Where should I start?

Firstly, Welcome!  If you are new to Reformer Pilates, we want you to feel welcome!

If you have never done Pilates before, or never used a Reformer before – the best place to start is in our Foundation class.

It’s a great place to get comfortable on the reformer, learn the essential exercises, and grow your confidence.  This is not an “easy” option – but the better you get at Pilates – the more deeply you’ll be able to feel it.



How many beginner classes should I attend?

This depends on the individual. In our Foudnation classes we teach you the basics, and these classes are designed for you to repeat until you have a base line amount of stregnth and endurance to be able to do things like….

Table Top / Being able to lie on your back and hold you legs at 90 degrees. Definitely  challenge for your core!

Feel comfotable moving around the Reformer, and confident following the instructions you hear.

Be able to modify in your own body.  Regular pracise improves your body awareness.  After the level 1 FORM class, we start to offer you progressions in the layers of exercises we offer.  Progressions become harder with each layer – allowing you to choose your challenge level.

Choosing the hardest modification is not necessary for everyone to get the best workout, rather you should progress your body with strength, endurance and balance options over time.  Listening to your body and chosing the right option for you on the day is an important part of our classes.

Our instructors can advise you individually, and that includes encouraging you to give those challenge options a go when we know you are ready!

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable and that you can move reasonably freely in. Leggings or track pants and a T-shirt are a common choice.

Grippy socks.  These are compolsory in our studio for safety and also hygiene.  If you don’t have a pair, you are welcome to buy some in the studio for $22.

What should I bring?

Water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated.

Sweat Towel.  If necessary for you.

Optional Extras…

Some clients like to bring these, but they are not compolsory.

Face Mask.  You are welcome to wear a face mask in class.

Reformer Mats.  Just like bringing a yoga/pilates mat to class. The Reformer mat is designed to fit your reformer bed. Personalising your surface to workout out. They are machine mashable. Availabe in the studio.

Reformer Loops. Some clients prefer to bring their own Reformer Loops to class.  Available in the studio in a variety of colours.

When should I arrive?

Arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to class commencement.  Please allow time to find a park and still get to class with a few minutes to spare.

If you are late, Empty reformers will be given to our waitlisted friends/or keen walk-ins.

If this is your first visit, please allow extra time to find us, park, and have 5-10 minutes in the studio.  You’ll fill out our Pilates assessment form, making sure your Instructor has all the info we need to know about your body.  We’ll also set up your Reformer with your unique settings.


Is parking available?

Yes, Parking is avaiable at both studios.

Kohi. Parking is avaiable on Eltham Rd, and surround streets. Because this is a residential area, please allow time to park. 

St Johns.  We have 4 offstreet parks, in front and to the side of our building.  Please drive right up alongside our building as far up as you can, to allow others to park behind you.  There is access aroudn the back to Elizabeth Knox Place when you come to depart.  There is also street parking available on Morrin Rd and Elizabeth Know Place. 

How do I book and cancel my classes?

There are 2 ways!

Website // You can manage your bookings on our booking widget on our website.   The email you joined us with is your login, and you would have created a password then too.

Once logged in you can book any class via the timetable.  If you would like to cancel you can go to the “My Account” tab – and look under “My Schedule” to see your booked classes.  You can cancel through here.


If you joined us through the mindbody app – change to this one instead…

ONFORM Pilates App // You can download the ONFORM Pilates App.  This is the best and easiest way to maange your bookins, account and buy passes or memebrships.

Please note, clients are responsible for booking and cancelling their own classes – we don’t handle bookings via email, phone or social media.

I am pregnant - can I come to class?

Congratulations! You are welcome to attend all classes up to 12 weeks.

From 12 to 16 weeks we require all pregnant clients, new or existing to complete a 30 minute private with our Physio or Pilates Instructor in order to learn modifications to support your changing needs in pregnancy.  Email us at reception@onformphysio.co.nz  to set this up.

After this is completed you can continue in our Foundations class, or continue with a personalised Pilates program in a private setting.

If you are starting Pilates for the first time and are pregant, please get your LMC’s ok to participate, and book a private appointment first.

From 16+ weeks, we cater for your needs in our Foundation class, with lots of fabulous lower body strengthening, deep core activation and mobilising posture work, helping you to reduce aches and pains, and support yourself throughout your preganancy and beyond into birth and recovery postpartum.

Will I sweat?

This really depends on the individual!

Your body will need to work during class, and the effort you exert, depending on the progressions you take, and the intensity of the class will produce anyting from a “glow” to a sweat.

If you have a tendancy to sweat, it’s a good idea to bring a sweat towel.

There is no right or worng here 🙂

What if I need to cancel? Or I just don't show up?

Has your boss got you working late? Feeling a bad case of the hay fever sniffles coming on? Whatever your reason, we just ask that you cancel your class on our website, app or the MindBody app. We don’t accept cancellations via email, phone or social media.

Our cancellation policies are in place to ensure that everyone has inclusive access to classes and the studio. As part of a considerate group of movers, we hope you can understand.

Cancellations made more than 12 hours before class will get the session back.

Late Cancellations made less than 12 hours before class will forfeit the session.

No-Shows and absences will forfeit the session. Please don’t no show!

If you cancel and we are success to move in the next person on the waitlist, we will restore your late cancelled session.  So keep the community vibes high!

I am seeing a lot of classes are waitlisted. How do I join a class?

While we wish we could have everyone in the studio, we want to make sure we preserve our intimate approach to movement. Because of this, classes can fill up quickly! You’re welcome to join our waitlist to (hopefully) nab your spot.

You’ll be notified via email if we have a place spare.

Make sure your email notifications are on!

If you are on the waitlist, we’ll assume you are able to come to class.  If for any reason you are no longer able – please remove yourself from the waitlist.

Hot tip: Always jump on a waitlist, you’ll most likely get in!

Can I leave early?

It is greatly preferred that you stay for the duration of your class. If something unforeseen comes up, and you absolutely must leave early, please inform your teacher (upon arrival if possible) so they can assist with your departure. This will help to lessen the disruption for the rest of those in class.

Classes are a minimum of 45 minutes long, but sometimes we include extra juicy cooldown time which can extend class to 50 mins.

Can I bring my child?

Unfortunately under no circumstances do we allow children to wait in the studio during open group sessions. This applies all year round, including school holidays.

In our Mums & Bubs classes you are welcome to bring your baby until that they reach that crawling stage!  This is to keep little people safe from machines that move.  The mums & bubs class is designed as a postpartum recovery from childbirth class.

How do I book a private/duet or trio appointment?

To book a private or small group appointment with our Physio or Pilates team, please email reception.

Let us know your preferred day, time, studio, and a little bit about you!  We’ll match you up with a Physio or Instructor and get your started.

Email reception@onformphysio.co.nz or call 09 5277899

What is a studio equipment private?
A studio equipment private utlises the larger Pilates appartus like the Pilates cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. Whether you want extra support for injury rehabilitation, prenatal or postnatal fitness and recovery or just want to take your practice to the next level on this fabulous equipment – these privates are for you! Currently only available in our Saint Johns location.
Can I buy a gift voucher?

You bet! Beautifully designed as a perfect gift for the passionate pilates-goer in your life. 

Choose between purchasing a Gift Voucher online where we can send it straight to your inbox or collect a physical Gift Card from our Kohi or St John studio. We can also post it to you or your pal, no worries. 

Don’t stress if you haven’t got an account with us, neither you or the lucky recipient need to have one to purchase a gift voucher. 

Custom Amount Gift Vouchers can be used as credit to pay for memberships, your choice of class pack, or merchandise in the studio. The only catch? You’ve got a good 12-months to use it up. But, we don’t really see that being a problem, TBH.

Redeem in-studio or contact reception@onformphysio.co.nz with a copy of the voucher.

How do your memberships work?

Our weekly memberships help you do Pilates regularly with perks!

1. Just choose, how many times per week you would like to come to class.  This really comes down to your goals and schedule.

2. Decide whether you like the flexibility of a Flexi Membership, or whether you are down for the commitment of a 6 month term.

3. Sign up online or via our app.  If you would like someone to chat through your needs and goals, we would love to help.

4. Your card is charged weekly, and your passes renew weekly.

5. Class passes rollover if unused for an additional 7 days.

6. Enjoy the perks of being a member…


All members receive…

♥  Reduced class prices

♥  Book into your desired classes with 90 day advance unpaid booking.

♥  Free online membership to ONFORM at Home (valued at $23 per month)

♥  Rollover. Unused classes rollover and are available to be used for an additional 7 days

♥  Invitation to our FREE members only monthly workshop/class or event.

♥  Pause your membership for holidays / health

♥  Get rewards when you reach class milestones

♥  Receive a FREE GIFT on your birthday

♥  Get better and faster results with consistent attendance



Extra benefits for 6 Month Term members…


+ Best class prices

+ 1x Free Physiotherapy consultation ($100 Value)

+ 1x Free 30 minute Pilates private ($65 value)

+ Pause your membership for up to 2 weeks

+ A complimentary ONFORM Pilates singlet tank when you renew at 6 months



How do I update my card details?

You can update your stored card details on our website here

You can also update via the ONFORM Pilates App.  Please note – if you update on the MindBody App e will not have access to the new card details.

Go to My Account > Profile Info > scroll to Card Info > click the pencil icon to EDIT or Add New Card to ADD > Check your Country settings > Save

Can I get text and email notifications from you?

Sadly, we can’t give you TEXT notifications right now in NZ.  Our mindbody software is global so does offer this as an option for you to tick, but it is NOT avaialble at this time in NZ.

Setting up your account to receive automated emails is really important!

The system will send these emails when:

+ You get into a class from a waitlist

+ An autopay has processed or failed

+ You’re absent or Late Cancel a class

+Your memebrship unsuspends – super important!

Any other important news, account, booking or operational info

You can only change your settings on our website here.

Go to My Account > Profile Info > under Personal Info click pencil icon to edit > scroll to Communication Preferences > update > save

We can’t wait to have you in our direct line and solemnly swear that we are a spam-free zone.

Is my membership / pass usable at both studios?

Yes! You can use your ONFORM pass at either studio.  Just make sure you are intentional about which studio you are booked into!

If you are on the ONFORM Pilates app – you can toggle between studios using the location button.

I'm a member - how do I advance book?

Members get advanced unpaid booking for 90 days.

You can book your allocated classes for either the week (weekly memberships) or 4 week month (monthly memberships).

After this you can sign up unpaid.  When your pass renews, these classes will be scooped up.  This allows you to book ahead for your desired classes.

Make sure you stick to your class allowance according to your memebrships. Extra classes will be charged out at your memebrship rate.

I'm a member - how do I pause it?

Holiday time? We get that life happens and we are here to make it work.

Flexi memebrs can pause your Membership autopay contract any time you like. (1 week minimum and 8 weeks maximum).

6 Month Members can pause your membership for up to 2 weeks, in a 6 month period.

We need at least a week’s notice to process any holds. This ensures your payment doesn’t go through before we can action it. Trust us, we know that sucks!

Membership holds can be processed via an email to us. That’s, reception@onformphysio.co.nz

I'm a member - how do I book my complimentary Pilates Session or Physio Assessment?

Wahoo – we are so glad you have joined our community of Pilates lovers!

To book your complimentary session or assessment, just email reception@onformphysio.co.nz or ring our team on 09 5277 899 to make a booking.  Please let them know your studio/clinic preference!

How do I join ONFORM at Home?

If you join us as  studio member you get FREE access to ONFORM at Home.  We’ll acitvate your access when you join, and you’ll get an email with a link you can use to log in.

If you are not a studio member, you can sign up online at ONFORM at Home with a 7 day free trial.  You can cancel any time, or pause your subscription.  

Purchase your ONFORM Equipment Bag online, or through the studio.

If you are a 12 month studio member – you get your bag FREE as a perk! Yay!

How do I change locations for booking?

Via the ONFORM Pilates App. This is the easiest way to manage booking between studios.  There is a little location button on the top right that you can use to toggle between the Kohi and St Johns timetable.

Via our Website.  If you are booking in our website you can chose the link for the location you would like to book at.  Once you are in our mindbody site , it’s possible to change timetable location through a dropdown box above the timetable.

Via the Mindbody App.  You’ll need to save both our locations as seperate businesses, and access the schedule for each to book It’s easy once you get thae hang!

Not feeling 100%?

If you have cold or flu symptoms please refrain from classes until you’re well. Get some lemon and honey in some hot water, instead. 

If you’re not feeling 100% in any capacity please stay at home, preferably in bed while bingeing ’00s rom-coms (our team would be doing the same). 

If you have any injuries please get the all clear from your doctor before attending class. 

If you have something else going on with your body, like pregnancy, then let your teacher know that you may need a little bit of TLC in your practice.

Always listen to your body and don’t be afraid to speak up (in life and in class).