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How do you know if your Running Shoes are worn out?

28 Sep 2016

Running with worn out running shoes means you're inviting a host of potential injuries. 

Any one of which can adversely affect your performance. Every time your foot strikes the ground while running, it created a force up to three times your weight per square inch. Worn out shoes are less able to absorb and dissipate that impact. What happens is a chain reaction of force - reverberating through your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. The shock of every impact snakes its way up through your foot to your ankle, your knee and your hips then back again, causing trauma and creating a variety of injuries. Runner's knee, Shin Splints, ITB issues, are just some of the common issues that can be created and acerbated by running in worn out shoes.

If you are concerned about how your shoes are performing or think you need more support, think about having a Physio examine your shoes. We can tell a lot by looking at the soles of your shoes including how worn your shoes are, what your foot strike pattern is, and whether your shoes are supporting your body.

Right now our Shoe Assessments are on special for $20, down from $60 for a seriously limited time. Valid until 15/10/16.

Book appointments by email or call ONForm Physio on 09 527 7899.

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