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Investment & FAQ

We have a range of flexible pricing options.  Our classes are small, so we can give you lots of  personal support.  To get the best results – consistency is the key – so we have set up our pricing to help you acheive this.  If you are new – start with our Introductory Options. 

When you are ready to join us on the regular – you can chose between our class pack, or for increased consistency and results, one of our tiered monthly memberships.  With options to suit your goals and schedule, they offer a better class price, and a pathway to increased stregnth, better flexibility and movement, and a way to feel better and healthier.   We can’t wait to welcome you to our studios!

The Get to Know Us Phase

Get Started

Ready to dive in? Our Group Intro Offer is a crowd pleaser!  Use this pass to get to know us, and try out our different classes and teachers.  If you are new to Pilates – Start in Foundation.

Introduction Pass / 4 Classes / Valid 2 Weeks




A Personal Introduction

If you are keen for group classes, but would like a little more attention – we’d love to welcome you to our studio with a personalised experience.

1 x Introduction Private – Receive a $5 discount

1 x Group Intro Offer – 4 Classes / $49 / Valid for 2 weeks

This is a tailored 1:1 session with one of our welcoming Pilates Instructors.  You’ll be introduced to our studio, the equipment, and discuss your needs and goals.  We’ll tailor your session to help you experience the Pilates principals and foundational exercises in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to give you confidence.  We’ll be able to offer advice and support about the classes best suited to you.



First Moves Pack

The ultimate way to start.  Build repour and trust with your instructor as they help to deepen your understanding of the exercises and empower you.  You’ll build familiarity with the exercises, get confident changing your own personal settings, and boost your confidence.   
3 x Introduction Privates – Receive $15 discount
1 x Group Intro Offer – 4 Classes / $49 / Valid for 2 weeks
This pack is perfect for the curious mover, and anyone who would like more one-to-one guidance and personalised teaching for specific goals.  Your 2 week group class pass, activates when you book your first class.




Join us on the regular

Class Packs

Casual Visit / 1 month expiry


5 Class Pack / 6 months expiry


10 Golden Gang Classes / 6 months expiry / *Golden Gang Class Only / Available in studio





Choose your level – 1, 2, 3, or 4 classes per week

4 weekly auto payment.

Passes can be used anytime within the month.

Choose between no contract, or 12 month contract.

Increase your results with consistent attendance.

Enjoy lower class price + Perks

Private Training

1:1 / Casual


1:1 / 10 Pack


1:2 Duet / per person


1:3 Trio / per person


Join our crew as a member


One class a week / 4 per month

4 weekly auto payment

Month to Month

No Contract / Cancel anytime

$144 / $36 per class


12 Month Contract

30% off your first month

Extra Perks

$132 / $32.17 per class


2 classes a week / 8 per month

4 weekly auto payment

Month to Month

No Contract / Cancel anytime

$272 / $34 per class


12 Month Contract

30% off your first month

Extra Perks

$248 / $30.20 per class


3 classes a week / 12 per month

4 weekly auto payment

Month to Month

No Contract / Cancel anytime

$384 / $32 per class


12 Month Contract

30% off your first month

Extra Perks

$348 / $28.27 per class


4 classes a week / 16 per month

Waitlist / Request to Join

Month to Month

No Contract / Cancel anytime

$464 / $29 per class


12 Month Contract

30% off your first month

Extra Perks

$416 / $25.35 per class

Perks for Members

90 days advance booking

Classes available for whole month

Free access to ONFORM at Home, our on demand online studio (Value $35 per month)

Free attendance at Member Events

Pause your membership for up to 6 weeks per year.

EXTRA Perks for 12 Month Members

Initial 30 minute Private Session for set up and goal setting (Value $50)

FREE pair of grippy Moveactive Socks (Value $22)

Complimentery Physio Assessment (Value $90)

FREE ONFORM at Home Equipment Pack to accompany your ONFORM at Home Subscription (Value $34.95)

6 Month Complimentery 30 minute Private session to refine and refresh (Value $50)

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of Pilates, which is really the gift of feeling better!

Buy online / or in studio

Customise your gift amount, or choice from one of our packs.

ONFORM Pilates


ONFORM Pilates Kohi Studio


If you have a burning question, the answer is probably below!  If it’s not, please send us an email or give our reception team a call!

I have never done Pilates before? Where should I start?

If you have never done Pilates before, or never used a Reformer before – the best place to start is our Private Introduction.  With a special price to get you started, you’ll get the benefit of one-on-one instruction, we’ll show you how to use the Reformer, and set you up on your unique settings so the machine is tailored to you.  We’ll teach you the basic exercises and equip you with confidence! We’ll chat through your goals and what you would like to get out of Pilates, and we can suggest the best plan to help you achieve those goals.

If you would like to try a group class, then please start in our Foundation class.  It’s a great place to get comfortable on the reformer, learn the essential exercises, and grow your confidence.  This is not an “easy” option – but the better you get at Pilates – the more deeply you’ll be able to feel it.


What should i wear and bring?

Your smile – and if you’re doing reformer, your grippy socks! We sell grip socks in the studio if you need a pair. They are compulsory for all classes.

We provide all props and mats for mat classes.

You can bring your own water bottle to fill up here.

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to work out in, but not baggy as we don’t want it catching on your Reformer.

How do I book and cancel my classes?

There are 2 ways!

Website // You can book and cancel through our mindbody store on our website. Feel free to bookmark this page and save your password.  The email you joined us with is your login, and you would have created a password then too.

Once logged in you can book any class via the timetable.  If you would like to cancel you can go to the “My Account” tab – and look under “My Schedule” to see your booked classes.  You can cancel through here.

Mindbody App // You can download the mindbody app.  Create an account with your email address and don’t forget to verify your email address.  This is help the app to locate your passes (if you have them already).  Turn your location settings on, and search for ONFORM Pilates under the ‘explore’ tab. Make sure you save us a favourite!  Click on our name, and then on ‘SCHEDULE’ – thats where you’ll find our full timetable.  You can book in here.

If you need to cancel – head to the ‘PROFILE’ tab, and you’ll see any classes you have booked there.

Please note, clients are responsible for their own bookings – we don’t handle bookings via email, phone or social media.

I am seeing a lot of classes are waitlisted. How do I join a class?

We’re a busy boutique studio. We don’t want anyone to miss out so we offer a waitlist function.  There is movement in every class, so don’t be afraid to add yourself to the waitlists.

You’ll never be moved into class from the waitlist closer than four hours before class starts. After that, if you’re still on the waitlist check in to see if anyone late cancels. A spot may open up for you!

If you place yourself on a waitlist, please be aware this indicates you will attend class if moved in.  Treat it like a booking!

If you are moved in from the waitlist and can no long attend, please cancel yourself out at least four hours before class starts, otherwise you will be charged for a late cancel.

If your class is early in the morning, make sure to wake up early to check if you got in, or remove yourself from the waitlist before going to bed just in case you get moved in after you’ve gone to sleep to avoid charges or pass forfeits.

Hot tip

Make sure you have your email notifications turned on! Check your spam/junk folder – sometiems waitlist emails can go there.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our early cancel period is anytime up to twelve hours before class starts for reformer and mat classes. After that, it counts as a late cancel and you will be charged or forfeit your pass. Please try to early cancel so other people have the opportunity to make it to class. No one likes to miss out!

Our Studio Equipment Sessions and Privates must be cancelled up to 24 hours before they are due to start.  After that, the full session pass will be forfeit for late cancel.

Please always cancel if you can no longer come to class.  If we are successful in moving the next client in from the waitlist, we’ll be able to restore your late cancelled session.  There is nothing worse than an empty reformer in a waitlisted class. Repeat no show offenders will be charged a fee.

How do your memberships work?

We offer different memberships to reflect the needs of our clients – you!

You choose how many time a week you would like to attend.  The classes are available to use anytime throughout your month. So there is flexibility in how you use them.

You are able to book into any classes you would like.

Memberships are an autopay contract, with payment beging deducted from your credit card every 4 weeks.

You can choose between a no contract / cancel anytime rate, or uur best value 12 month contract.

You are able to suspend your membership for up to 6 weeks per year.  If you are on a 12 month contract, any holds are added onto the end of your term.

Memberships come with special member PERKS so make sure you have a look at those!

Bronze 1 is perfect if you would like to do one class a week. You get 4 classes per month, so lot’s of flexibility to get to class.

Silver 2 is our twice a week membership. By upping your consistency you’ll notice the feel-good benefits of Pilates.

Gold 3 is our three times a week membership. A great level to really increase your strength and flexibility.

Platinum 4 is our four times a week membership.  At his level you are a Pilates addict! There is a waiting list for this level, as we only make a limited number available.  If you are keen, you can email us to add your name to the waiting list.

It is your responsibility to make sure you don’t late cancel a class, and then attend an extra class – any additional classes will have to be paid for. Our memberships don’t roll over – you have to use them the classes within the month or lose them.

We also offer a 5 Class Pass, that you can use with any of our classes.  These are available on our Pricing page.

I'm pregnant, what classes can I attend?

Congratulations!  Up until 16 weeks you are welcome in all of our classes.  Our best recomendation is to keep doing the level of exercise and Pilates that you were doing befor eyou got pregnant. 

If you are starting fro the first time, get your LMC’s ok to participate.  Foundation class is the best place to start.

After 16 weeks, we cater for your needs in our Foundation class.  We provide modifications to make the exercises suitable for your changing needs – with lots of fabulous lower body strengthening, deep core activation and mobilising posture work, helping you to stand a little taller.

How do I book a private/duet or trio appointment?

We have a selection of private appointment available online.  Go ahead and check them out.  Just choose the studio you would like to come too.

If you don’t see a time that suits – we do keep a selection off book so please send us an email and we’ll see if we have a time that suits you.

For our most popular times, we operate a waiting list, so if your preferred time has a reacurring booking in it – we can place you on the waitlist for that time.

What is a studio equipment private?

A studio equipment private utlises the larger Pilates appartus like the Pilates cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. Whether you want extra support for injury rehabilitation, prenatal or postnatal fitness and recovery or just want to take your practice to the next level on this fabulous equipment – these privates are for you! Currently only available in our Saint Johns location.

Where can I buy your jumpers, singlets and merch from?

You can buy our merch online or in the studio!  Send us a snap of you wearing our merch and we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase!

Can I buy a gift voucher?

You can purchase our gift vouchers online or in the studio!

Make up your own custom amound – and the recevier can apply it to whatever option they would like!

Or purchase our intro private or group pass as a gift to give them a taster!

Please feel free to send us an email if you would liek some advice!

Is my membership / pass usable at both studios?

Yes! You can use your ONFORM pass at either studio.  Just make sure you are intentional about which studio you are booked into!

I'm a member - how do I advance book?

To book in advance – you’ll be signing up beyond your currrent month expiry unpaid.  When your pass renews it will scoop up these classes.

When you come to book, just tick the unpaid sign up box.  Make sure you only book the amount of classes you’ll have available.  Extra classes will have to be paid for.

I'm a member - how do I book my complimentary Physio Assessment?

Wahoo – we are so glad you have joined our community of Pilaets lovers!

To book your complimentary assessment, just ring our reception team on 09 5277 899 to make a booking.  Please let them know your studio/clinic preference!

How do I join ONFORM at Home?

If you join us as  studio member you get FREE access to ONFORM at Home.  We’ll acitvate your access when you join, and you’ll get an email with a link you can use to log in.

If you are not a studio member, you can sign up online at ONFORM at Home with a 7 day free trial.  You can cancel any time, or pause your subscription.  

Purchase your ONFORM Equipment Bag online, or through the studio.

If you are a 12 month studio member – you get your bag FREE as a perk! Yay!

Why are your Mat and Reformer Classes the same price?

All our classes are the same price – whether you are on a reformer or a mat.  This is do with our small class size – you get the same level of personalised attention regardless of the appartus we are using.  We also pay our instructors the same amount – regardless of what they are teaching you.  So you get the same, high quality, personal support accross the board.  The transformation is also the same.  If lockdowns taught us anything – it’s how challenging Mat Pilates can be!

How do I change locations for booking?

Via our Website.  If you are booking in our website you can chose the link for the location you would like to book at.  Once you are in our mindbody site , it’s possible to change timetable location through a dropdown box above the timetable.

Via the Mindbody App.  You’ll need to save both our locations as seperate businesses, and access the schedule for each to book It’s easy once you get thae hang!