Community Highlight

Mar 31, 2023 | Pilates

Meet Diane Robinson!

One of the coolest things about being a space where we get together to move is that we make up a community of people who love Pilates, and use it as a way to fuel the other amazing things we do in life! This combo of great people in class brings such an awesome vibe – and as instructors, we get such a kick out of your progress and achievements!

This month we are celebrating our awesome member, Diane, who is also a published author. Read about how Diane found Pilates…and her new book aimed at 10-12-year-olds is available now! (It’s great!)

“As a child, I dreamt of writing novels like Enid Blyton.
Instead, I grew up and became an accountant. Lots of computer use led to ongoing occupational overuse syndrome and the Pain clinic led to regular exercise.

The Gym begat injuries, but at Pilates I’ve never had an injury. The OOS pain is half what it was, thanks to regular Pilates. My 2 reformer sessions per week at ONFORM keep me physically and emotionally safer.

I am still pinching myself that my childhood dream has come true. It’s such a joy when people tell me they have read my books and want to read more!

Nikolai’s Quest was born from the question, ‘what would it be like to be an older child in an orphanage in Russia knowing you might get adopted by New Zealanders? How do you move forward when you don’t know where you started? This sums up Nikolai’s Quest for identity and belonging.

And it’s great fun to try and read a book while perched on a Pilates Reformer!

I have a scholarship to spend March 2023 in a self-contained flat with all meals provided at Vaughan Park, Long Bay. A whole month of just writing – I can’t wait!”.

You can find Nikolai’s Quest at Paper Plus.