At home Pilates for the win

Jan 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

At ONFORM we are all about making movement achievable, realistic and a joy. Any amount of movement is better than nothing. When you find something you love, the more you do, the more you want. One of the reasons we value Pilates so highly is that it is progressive, can meet you you whatever level you are at, and its accessible for a home practise. So if you can’t afford studio classes, the times don’t work for your schedule, or you’d like to increase the movement you do every day – at home Pilates ticks all the boxes!

Tips for making your at home Pilates work for you

Finding your why

Motivation can be a challenge when it comes to any exercise, especailly one you are attempting by yourself.  Busyness, tiredness, low mood – all those things can take away the desire to get moving – so here are a few tips to set up a successful habit. Remember, movement isn’t just for your body, but it has a huge impact on your mental health. You may not feel like exercise or moving your body, but doing it anyway will boostyour mood, energy and mindframe.

Create a space

Set yourself up a space that you can do your workouts in.  It’s great if you can leave it set up, but even if you can’t – pick somewhere that makes you feel peaceful, and keep your mat, equipment bag, and even some light hand weights handy.  It’s much easier when you are good to go, and don’t have to run around the house getting organised. Creating a space with some light, plants and good vibes really makes a difference to your spirit.  And that is the first thing movement is about – making you feel good.

Make realistic goals

Set yourself some personal goals.  Decide how often you would like to move per week. It could be to move 5 times a week – but even 3 is a great place to start. 😊   Set yourself a goal that’s realistic for you. With ONFORM at Home our weekly plan has 5-6 selected workouts that release via email every Monday at 7am.  Choosing these saves you time.  We provide a range of times, so you can select the duration for how you are feeling, and how the day looks. Don’t forget to track your goals over 3 months and give yourself a little reward for achieving them!

Find a time that works for you

Chose a time of day that works for your body.  If you know you are shattered after work, it could be getting up half an hour early for a quiet breakfast and movement will work for you better.  A session in the middle, really helps to break up long period of sustain posture. Or likewise f you really need to refocus after work and move your body – this could be your best time.  Everyone is different, so it’s important to find what works for you.

Get social

Keep connected! The social element of fitness is a hugely motivating factor. With ONFORM at Home, you are not alone. We love getting your emails and comments – and we are on hand to encourage you if you hit a flat spot.  If you have a request – we’d love to hear it.  It’s hard to do this thing alone – but you aren’t alone, and we are on this journey together!

Finally – if you find a week or so goes by and you haven’t done anything – be kind to yourself.  It’s normal.  😊  Our advice is to pick a quickie session that’s about 10 mins in length and do that.  Then actually give yourself a pat on the back.   It’s really easy to get into a vicious cycle of not moving, then feeling bad about it, which leads to avoidance.  Breaking this with being kind to yourself, and moving without shame, guilt, is the way to build a positive movement habit that helps you mentally, and physically. 😊