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Testimonials of Recovery

Helping restore our clients to doing what they love pain free is our reason for existing. These stories fuel our energy and keep giving us reasons to keep improving our skills, learning, and stay passionate and relevant about Physiotherapy. If you have a story of how we have helped you - we’d love to hear from you!

"the difference you guys made was you went beyond just treating the injury..."

Your Achilles tendinopathy success story reporting back in. I know it sounds simple – but the difference you guys made was you went beyond just treating the injury and worked methodically with me to help determine, then rectify, what was causing the injury. I ran the Rotorua Half Marathon this weekend and came first in the Men’s 55-60 age group with a time of 1:33.12 Not the quickest time on the planet but there were no runners in my age group who were quicker – so I’ll take it. Got to go up at the prize giving and be awarded a 1st place trophy (photo) - it’s all good! My daughter did 1:31.00 so she’s pumped and we’re both aiming on getting down under the 1:30 mark sometime in the near future. I’m obviously still very grateful for you guys getting me sorted – just over a year ago I was thinking my half marathon running days were over and now I’m knocking on the door of sub 90. Awesome!
– Neil

"Simon is an excellent physiotherapist and a great guy at the same time"

I have had the pleasure of working with Simon Noton, of ONform Physiotherapy for many years. Together we have provided conditioning and medical support to sports teams, and junior and senior high performance athletes. Simon is an excellent physiotherapist and a great guy at the same time. His clients trust him and relate to him really well. Simon’s knowledge of injury treatment and the mechanical and sports factors that pre-dispose to injury is outstanding. I have no hesitation is recommending Simon and his team at Onform Physiotherapy to any athlete or physically active person.
– Jeremy Browne MSc, Strength Coach

"We have been very fortunate to attend ONForm Physio"

We have been very fortunate to attend ONForm Physio for Physio treatment over many years. Over time we have every now and again suffered injuries from falling over, sports activities, and accidents that have injured knees, hips, shoulders, and the lower back etc. Had it not been for the excellent Physio treatment of Simon Noton and his team, full recovery would have been unlikely. The exercise programmes well illustrated how to rehabilitate ligaments & muscles, also helped recovery not forgetting either their outstanding mental cheerful therapy to encourage recovery. I named them “Cheer Germs”! Judy is now almost 79 years and is swimming at CLM The Bays with Aqua Fit regularly. I am nearly 91 years and try to go three times a week to CLM The Bays and use ONForm Physio’s CLM clinic, where Simon Noton eases my aches occasionally.
– Tony and Judy Laity

"From day one I have always had a great rapport with Simon"

A number of years ago I was referred to ONForm Physiotherapy by my doctor. For varying reasons I have remained a fairly regular client there under the care of Simon Noton. From day one I have always had a great rapport with Simon and all of the staff that work there. ONForm Physio has a very dignified approach and the team always show great compassion with every visit. I have noticed that there has always been great focus on rehabilitation and aftercare. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of physiotherapy care.
– Kristene Milich

"Simon never misses a beat"

Simon has been our family physio for more than 10 years now. We were first introduced to him through our eldest daughter’s swimming club HPK, where he provided skeletal assessments on all the swimmers and then recommend a series of exercises to correct or strengthen weak points in their posture with the aim to improve swimming techniques.

Over the years, all members of our family have been treated by Simon from various sporting injuries including knee dislocations, rolled ankles and broken arms to minor back, neck and knee injuries or complaints due to weak muscle tone and / or poor posture.

Simon never misses a beat; he is always punctual and immediately puts his patients at ease with his friendly and easy going nature. He is quick to assess the problem which he backs up with a diagram explaining what has caused / is causing the problem. Simon then goes on to provide a detailed explanation of what he is going to do to fix the problem and achieve a resolution. In my opinion, his patients always receive personal one-on-one attention for the whole appointment time. Simon also always takes the time to answer any questions in relation to the injury or treatment, no matter how silly or complex the question may be. He believes in helping to keep you free from future injuries and to that end he typically finishes the session by explaining how exercise can help to expedite the healing process and keep you injury free. He will run through a number of ‘take home’ exercises that he has selected for each patients specific problem.

Simon takes a keen interest in his patients and the family of the patients with his relaxed and friendly attitude. Simon has always been accommodating and is willing to see how he can fit us into his very full schedule. I have recommended Simon to a number of my friends who have subsequently become clients of his and will continue to recommend Simon. As a physio, our family have complete faith in his ability to ‘fix the problem’.

It is exciting to see Simon’s growing involvement at CLM The Bays Gym, where his 2nd clinic is and I wish Simon and his team at ONForm all the best for the future as he grows his business while keeping his patients and their health at the heart of his business.

– Bridget Danbrook

"I would definitely never have got through Ironman without these guys"

Being an enthusiastic triathlete who makes all the mistakes of over training and under stretching, I am always managing injuries and battling biomechanic issues. What began my journey with ONFORM Physio was a simple google search for a Physio close to my home. However, since moving away, I have found myself regularly trekking across town to see them because I simply can't imagine going anywhere else.

The ONFORM team really understand us “amateur athletes". They know what we need to keep getting stronger/faster/furtherr and are able to offer wise council as we struggle to strike the balance between recovering and sensibly moving forward to achieve our goals. None of that bog-standard "no training for 6-8 weeks" stuff here (although I am sure if they did they that it would be serous:-). As Simon says "I'm the can-do Physio... Let's work out what you can do to keep training!"

Simon is always happy to offer encouragement and advice. He has even been known to give me a kind but firm verbal "kick in the butt" when I have been wallowing in an injury "pity party" or fallen off the training wagon.

The extra mile is this practice's every day way... Sneaking you in for emergency foot strapping before a race; chase up calls to ACC and endless referrals... I would definitely never have got through Ironman without these guys.

– Bronwyn Impson

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