Simon Noton

Simon Noton

Simon Noton is the Principal Physiotherapist and Director at ONFORM Physio. He has 14 years’ experience in private practice and sports physiotherapy, working with elite athletes and sports teams at a professional level, including the Auckland ITM Cup, Auckland Development and High Performance Academy, The Blues Development, Auckland Tennis, New Zealand and Auckland Golf, HPK Swim Club, Marist Brothers Old Boys and Grammer Tec Rugby Clubs. He is a highly qualified Advanced Practitioner, having completed his Masters of Health Science via Post Graduate Diplomas in Western Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulative Therapy. Simon has also developed expertise in the area of Headache and Migraine, and is a certified Watson Headache Practitioner. He has a special interest in the areas of bio-mechanics and postural analysis, and a hands on approach, working one -one with clients to achieve their goals.

Qualifications: Master of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy), Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Western Acupuncture), Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Spinal Manipulative Therapy), and Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy). Certified Watson Headache Practitioner.

The best part of being a Physio is…

seeing someone experience restoration.I love working with people to help them achieve their goals, and when they succeed – it’s the best feeling!

What gets you up in the morning?

The start of a fresh day – and to see what it brings.

I am inspired by…

people who are passionate and do things really well.

My favourite injury to treat…

is anything that I can strap up. A chance for me to show my artistic flare!

You'll often find me…

with my kids, on or near the water. Or if I’m really lucky…on a golf course!

My favourite food has to be…

hot chips - little mouthfuls of sunshine!

My favourite place to eat is anywhere with Tapas...

love stealing food off someone else's plate that looks too good to resist.

My dream holiday goes something like this…

the perfect mix of sun, surf and family...oh yeah and Disneyland of course!

Favorite song right now?

Anything by Fat Freddy’s Drop.

I haven't laughed so hard since…

I displayed a hilarious show of the world’s worst balance falling off a tiny child’s kayak while trying to retrieve a toy one of the kids had dropped into a river. Especially when we realised the water was only thigh deep. Epic Fail. But we had a serious laugh.

Ten years ago…

We were newlyweds, saving up! It got as bad as limiting ourselves to one bought coffee a week!!!! that's sacrifice.

If I wasn’t me I’d be…

a professional golfer.

The thing/s I am most proud of…

my wife and kids and what we are creating together.

I am the most likely at ONFORM to…

wear boat shoes.

My motto is...

Always encourage.

Tell us something we don’t know about you….

I’m undercover motorhead. Shhh.

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