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Become a stronger form of you! 

We are passionate about Pilates and about moving well!  Our Pilates classes strengthens the body and leaves you feeling worked but refreshed! 

"If you have an inflexible spine at 30, you are old, but if your spine is flexible at 60, you are young."- Joseph Pilates

certified and Experienced

Work with our Certified Pilates Instructor towards your personal goals.    We’ve kept our classes small so we can really concentrate on your technique and form. We care about your body and want to guide you to make it the best it can be.

Pilates as part of your Rehab

We can work together with our Physio's on a tailored plan to guide you as you move from pain and injury into strength and vitality.


Our classes run at our St Heliers Studio.  You can book a class using our online booking or call Becs on 027 22 22 362.  Bookings essential.  We have a 12 hour cancellation policy.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 
 9:15am          Mat - Strength + Stretch  
Strength + Stretch
with Simone*** 
 10:30am PRIVATE MAT Seniors 
Aging with Form
with Simone***
Pregnancy/Mums + Bubs 
 11:30am REFORMER
Pregnancy/Mums + Bubs 
 12:30pm   REFORMER
 6:30pm  REFORMER
with Melis*
with Louise**
 7:30pm  Mat
Strength + Stretch

* REFORMER Foundation with Melis starts Tuesday 23rd October
** REFORMER Foundation with Louise starts Wednesday 24th October
*** REFORMER Foundation/Progression with Simone starts Thursday 15th November

****REFORMER Progression Tuesday at 12:30 starts in November.


Reformer: Foundation – Find your form

Our Foundation class focuses on helping you find your form. Get established in key Pilates principals, learn how they feel in your body, and layer essential level exercises as your core control, pelvic stability, and coordination increases. Done properly essential level exercises can be very challenging. We’ll help you find and strengthen your deep “inner unit” and the amazing muscles that stabilise your pelvis, shoulder girdle, and core. You’ll learn movement skills that will support you in real life, and develop better balance, coordination, postural awareness. Designed for the beginner, those returning from injury, pre/post natal (if you have already been practicing Pilates), and those who just feel the need for a moderate flow. We focus on you working at your own pace, and can modify exercises to suit your needs. Reformer Foundation is an excellent base for your Pilates practice and equips you to move onto our Progression class.  Max 4. 50 minutes.

Reformer: Progression - Progress your form

This is the ideal class for those wanting to expand their skills and repertoire, challenge their coordination and balance, and continue to improve their strength and technique. This class aims to progress your form, using the Pilates principals learned in our Foundation class to get the most out of every exercise. This smooth flowing class will engage the whole body, challenging your stability, endurance, and balance, and improving your functional strength and muscle tone. A great class to keep your mind and body active. If you're new to Pilates, or coming back from injury, please start with our Reformer Foundation class.  Max 4. 50 minutes.

Reformer: Pregnancy /Mums + Bubs – Love your form

The beauty of this class is that we focus on the changes your body goes through while carrying a baby, and then after baby is born. We use safe exercises both on and off the Reformer that strengthen the body to assist with pregnancy and postpartum, and gentle stretches to help your mobility. It’s low impact, kind on the muscles and joints, and honours how your body is feeling on the day. You must have clearance from your doctor/LMC and if you have any specific rehab needs, a private session is required before class. If you are working with one of our Physios, we can incorporate their specific exercise plan. Bubs are welcome with mums up to about 6 months of age, or until that crawling stage begins! Max 4. 50 Minutes.

Mat: Strength + Stretch – Feel good form

A mat class that focuses on core strength, spinal mobility and postural awareness. We work to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles. We target the small stabilising muscles that you might miss in a gym or functional movement session, and we hone into challenging our core with abdominal endurance exercises. The juicy bit is that every time we strengthen an area, we then stretch it out. You’ll leave feeling strong, worked but refreshed and feeling like you can stand a little taller. Open to all levels, as exercises can be modified.  Max 8.  50 minutes.

Mat: Seniors – Aging with form

Joseph Pilates said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30 you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60 you are young.” It’s the old adage that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Scientifically it’s been shown that muscle mass can start reducing as early as 40 years old, but resistance exercise can retain and improve your muscle mass, strength, and bone density. Exercise can even slow and help prevent arthritis. The key is to move well and move often. Practising Pilates regularly will increase your strength, stability, balance and coordination. And it’s fun! Max 8. 50 minutes.

STUDIO Private:Duets:Trio

If you have specific goals you want to achieve, or are combining Pilates as part of your rehab from injury, a private, duet or trio session gives you personal attention, a tailored plan, and specific goals to work towards. As it’s completely personalised you can work with your instructor to how you are feeling on the day, and change the focus as needed. You can use a private session as an initial Pilates session, if you would like more 1:1 guidance, or to explore specific movements and how they feel in your own body, helping you to get that lightbulb moment.  Can be 1:1,  1:2 (Duet) and 1:3 (Trio)  A  mix of reformer, mat and small equipment exercise - tailored to your unique needs.  Booked by appointment.   


From Nov 1, 2018.

Mat - Casual $25, 10 Concession card $180
Reformer - Casual $45, 10 Concession card $350
Privates - $75 (1:1), $65pp (1:2), $45pp (1:3)

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If you are a new client to ONFORM Pilates you can email, or call/text Becs on 027 222 2362.   Our Pilates classes are available on our online booking.  You'll need to enter your email as username and set yourself a password if you don't have one. Log back in, view classes and book in. At the moment full classes don't appear so it's always a good idea to check if there have been any cancellations and/or join a wait list as availability does change! 


ONFORM Pilates is led by Becs Noton.  Becs is passionate about the amazing benefits of practising Pilates, and every body experiencing how good the body was meant to feel.  She is trained in Mat and Reformer Pilates through Stability Plus and is also an Intensive Reformer trained Instructor, and a TOTAL Barre certified Instructor through Internationally recognised STOTT Pilates.  

Please send us an email if you would like our Pilates Info pack.  

"I am in my late 50's and at the end of 2016 had an operation for a pacemaker, having no previous heart issues. I was feeling very unfit and my neck felt constricted, causing me headaches. Since attending ONFORM Pilates twice a week, I sincerely feel my life has improved greatly.  I have better posture, flexibility and neck pain being reduced considerably. Another advantage is the slow relaxed form of breathing, which I find helps as a stress relief. Very therapeutic.  Rebecca gives clear and precise instructions in a small class setting and is able to keep an eye on her pupils. Attending a Pilates class is not a chore, it gives me a sense of achievement, a positive attitude and is a fantastic way to start the day." Kathryn



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