Marathon Pack
We are part of your support team.

The Marathon Pack

smash your goals while staying strong and injury free

Training for a full or half marathon is intense and daunting!  Injuries and training niggles can happen at any time.  We’ll get you over that finish line strong and injury free!

what is the marathon pack? 

The Marathon Pack is designed to give you an epic support team to help you smash your goal.  We get to know you and your history, and create a plan of attack to help you run strong and injury free.  If you do have injuries, we'll help you with a professional management plan and treatment to help you recover quickly and keep training.  You're not on your own, but part of a team working together to help you achieve your goal!

what's included?

An in-depth Postural and Bio-Mechanical Assessment.  We’ll analyse your posture and running technique, and determine any pre-disposition to injury from intensive running.  We’ll develop a training plan to support your running to help keep you strong and injury free. 

Shoe Check Assessment.  Getting the right shoes can be vitally important to staying injury free.  Bring your existing running shoes and we’ll check their current warrant of fitness.  We’ll assess your running and if necessary recommend the right shoes for you. 

Two Check In Assessments at the 4 and 8 week point in your training countdown.  Receive expert advice, treatment and support.  We’ll assess how your body is coping with your running load, and if needed tweak your personal training program. 

Free Physio for Injuries sustained during your training and/or the big event.  We are the “Can-Do” Physio’s.  In the event of any injuries, we’ll use our full toolbox to keep you running and your training moving ahead.

Price $449 inc gst


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