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Stretching out Tight Hips

05 Jun 2015

Over the last couple of months we have been running some stretch classes at CLM The Bays. It’s been great to get stretching with you and really work deep into some of those areas that hold us all back. A common area of tightness can be in our Hip Flexors.

So many people complain about tight hips! And it’s no wonder – they are pretty darn important! They help us flex forward, pull our knees up, move our legs from side to side and front to back and generally help to stabilize your lower body. Tight hip flexors can really impact your posture – and not in a good way! They tilt your pelvis forward which sticks your bum out, not only giving you a sway back but causing back pain. Ugh! Getting flexible in this area can help to correct anterior pelvic tilt, especially when combined with glute and core work, giving you much better posture.

If you’re an athlete – watch out! Tight hips also transfer stress to the knees. This type of knee strain reduces your range of motion for the pivot sports such as tennis, netball, basketball, soccer, and rugby increasing risk to the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Open hips give the back a full range of motion, helping athletes avoid lower the back strains that often plague them. Flexible and aligned hips are essential for an athletes' best performance.

If you want to work on lengthening and opening up through your hip flexors Pigeon pose is a great stretch to start with. You can concentrate on one hip at a time, breathing into it slowly and making it deeper and more intense with each slow breath. As your flexibility increases you can increase it by getting your elbows to the ground in front of you and eventually even lying over your front knee completely. Wow! Congrats! That means you are making great progress! Pigeon pose also provides a great deep stretch to your deep gluts, groin, psoas and helps to relieve an impinged piriformis! Yep – you can thank us later!

Stretching might be uncomfortable but with a bit of practise becomes are really great way of relaxing, creating some time for great diaphragmatic breathing and a way to check in with yourself and measure how your body is feeling.

If you want more information on this stretch or others, get in touch with us at our Auckland ONFORM Physio clinics in Panmure and St Johns.

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